June 24 - Day 1
Arrival at Cedar Lake

This is a trip-log that covers a ten day base camp stay on Cedar Lake. This is really a vacation log and not an adventure log if you will. Still, there are plenty of photos to soak in of one of my favourite parts of Algonquin Park: The northern section.

It was a pouring wet rainy miserable thursday morning when we arrived at the Cedar Lake put-in just after 9:30am. We had driven most of the way from Ottawa in the pouring rain and had hoped the rain would be finished by the time we arrived.

The rain did not cease and in fact became really heavy as my girlfriend Joan & I sat in my vehicle for over an hour waiting for the rain to pass. After about half an hour of waiting in the car, we were astonished to see not one, but
four pickup trucks pull up to the put-in, all towing motor boats.

Cedar Lake is an access lake with cottages on it and subsequently motorboat usage is permitted. This has never bothered me much for the traffic on Cedar Lake is quite light and the lake is vast, being the second largest lake in The Park.

For us to see four motorboats pull up and ready to launch was unheard of. The bass season opener wasn't for another two days, we had specifically picked this time of the year for the very reason of solitude. It didn't look promising and I blame the road conditions into Cedar Lake; The road has been getting progressively better over the last few years. Please, someone drop a bomb on the roadway! Just kidding of course!

Finally by around 10:45am the rain subsided and I was able to unload the canoe and we started the process of loading the canoe up with gear. By 11:15am we launched onto a grey looking Cedar Lake, the rain had stopped completely and all the motorboats save one had launched.

We paddled southwards along the lake's north shore amid fairly calm waters, which was good for my canoe was loaded heavy with gear; canoe pack, food barrel, full sized cooler, fishing gear, umbrella… This was our vacation together; relaxing on a beach campsite for ten days.

Just before 12:30pm we arrived at our destination campsite, a campsite I've camped on previously and we were happy to see it vacant! We wasted no time unloading and setting up camp, we were home for ten days. Joan loved the beach and insisted we set-up her tent right there on the sand, mere meters from the water. The photographer in me cringed (Sand is deadly when it comes to cameras) but I just had to make sure I kept my camera in its bag, zipped closed at all times.

By 2:00pm the clouds had begun to break-up and with it came the June sun and a breeze to blow away the remnants of the rainy weather away.

Cedar Lake

By mid-afternoon the weather improved as The Park plane flew overhead

By early evening the water had become like glass and the total silence that comes with that time of the day at that time of the year during that day of the week hit us; Nothing could be heard, except of course the rising of the mosquitos! Still, It was most peaceful. Oh yeah!

Cedar Lake Sunset
Evening was perfect with a warm sunset to greet our first night on Cedar Lake

The mosquitos were the usual brutish selfs for about 45 minutes and then with the clear skies came the dropping temperatures and the skeeters soon went to bed. The rest of the evening under the stars was a perfect ending to a variable weather day.

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