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Day 3 - A rude surprise

I didn't get up till 7:30am on that morning. It was very damp, everything was coated with a heavy moisture. Stepping outside, I saw that there was a dense fog...ahhh September mornings rule! Bo was already up, and had just got a fire going, a necessity to shake off the damp chill. Once again we had Oatmeal and coffee. There wasn't much to do today, no fishing was planned as we were expecting some company, Bo's brother and possibly another AA'er to show up. With nothing to do, I set off with camera in hand to explore the forest. During my wanderings I managed to walk over to the next site north east of ours, it was un-occupied, and I witnessed a family of Mergansers drift by in the foggy shallows of the neighboring was a family of 9. One adult and 8 young ones. The campsite itself was nice, but was more closed in with the forest. The landing was small too, our campsite was far superior: a fantastic choice, with a little luck too. Most often I'll always skip the first site I come upon, my only superstition if ya will. Always pass up the first, there's always better sites to be had, besides, someone else coming onto the lake late in the day, they might need that first site.

pot image

Au Natural: Bo never did bring fuel or a stove,
Instead he relied on a campfire for all his cooking needs

fungi image

Lots of fungi littered the forest floor

Sure enough by 10am, we started to see canoes arriving on the lake from Opeongo, there were others as well passing our site on their way to Opeongo. What I was surprised and angry to see was motorboats at the end of the portage. By almost 11am, not one but 3 motorboats, loaded down, passed our site, on their way to who knows where. Bo speculated that they were on their way to Hogan Lake. I know that at certain times of the year, boats are permitted on certain lakes, and in this area, they were Proulx, Big Crow, Hogan & Lake La Muir. Opeongo is a given, boats are allowed at anytime, with unlimited horsepower, on this lake though only 6hp is permitted. Certainly it seemed that all they had was 6hp motors..their speed was low, but I was angry at having my solitude destroyed.

more fungi image

More fungi getting ready to fruit


campsite image

A look at the neighboring campsite

Looking over the regulations on the Canoe Routes map, it distinctly said that for this lake and the above chain I mentioned earlier, that they are not permitted from the last Friday in June to the first monday in September inclusive. That's what day it was, Labour Day Monday. I couldn't believe that these folks were blatantly disregarding the regulations, and that they couldn't wait just one more day to do their thing. Bo wasn't so sure himself, he seemed a little concerned but not angry. I think he understood the thirst for his fellow fishermen. I did not, and came to the realization, that perhaps I was mistaken, and that I was over-reacting. Still I was not pleased to hear the drone of motorboats, nor were the other canoeists and a lone female kayaker as well, that I spied passing our site. Within 20 min. they were gone, and we didn't see any more motorboats, the rest of the day. Still to this day I don't know if I was angry over nothing, or if the fellows were in fact ignoring regulations.

motorboat image

Hungry fishermen: on their way to a week of fishing

solo image

A lone female soloist on Proulx Lake

I tend to think it was the latter, if my interpretations of the regs. was correct. I try to obey most rules of The Park myself, it is in fact possible to obey them and still have a good time. I myself have failed to follow regulations a few times, I think we all do at one time or another. My disobeying of regs. have been minor infractions, specifically not following my planned route. Sometimes I'd stay an extra day on a lake I wasn't supposed to be on(it's hard to leave a place you really like). This really isn't a good idea to pull something like that, especially if I'm in the hwy#60 corridor of lakes, as you could possibly be displacing a party who has a legal right to be on the lake that I'm not supposed to be on. Not only that if there ever was an emergency(say of the family type), Folks coming to look for me might not find me, simply cause I never bothered to follow my itinerary.

fog image

The foggy forest on a September morning

fog & log image

Foggy waters: Looking northwest from our campsite

The rest of the day was un-eventful, no one showed up, so both Bo & I explored the forest, forged for firewood, and just generally relaxed, enjoyed the fantastic September weather. We had a great fire that night, under a star filled sky.

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Sunset: Bo's castle on Proulx Lake


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