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Day 2 - My first Brook Trout catch

It was a damp clear cool morning. There was a light fog, with a few clouds on the horizon. I woke up around 6:30am, and started to boil water for coffee. Bo must've heard me for a few minutes later, he was up and about, asking if the water was boiled, it was...ah bless the man, he had brought some Bailey's to mix with the coffee, an added kick to the caffeine blast! Breakfast was oatmeal and breakfast pitas, with 2 cups of coffee..pretty much all I had the whole week for my morning meal. The day before while on the portage, we had passed some fishermen, which Bo had made some inquires with. Bo had his eye on Koko creek, running south east off of Proulx lake. It turns out they had some luck with small speckled trout, and that was our destination that day.

proulx dawn image

Dawn on Proulx Lake

We launched around 8:15am, and paddled over under a sunny sky, to Koko creek. We paddled quite a distance up the creek looking for a hole described by the passing fishermen. At length, Bo stuck his hand in the water, and said, "Feel that? Very cold, this creek is spring fed, there be specks in here fer sure!". Indeed, the creek felt like it was 20°C cooler than the lake, unbelievable. We came to a wide pool, where the water deepened considerably. Rods were brought forth, worms(Bo supplied them for both of us) were hooked, and in the water our lines went. Almost instantly, there was tugging from Bo's line. A few seconds later, Bo pulls out his first speck. Watching him, unhook and release the fish, I started to get nibbles too. Finally at 9:48am, I caught my first speckled trout ever! Sheesh, the guy was real tiny. I was reluctant to touch the slimy thing, so Bo un-hooked the fish for me. Bo must've noticed my poor attempt at hiding my disappointment. "Hey, they only get bigger from here on in, why my very first Speck was even smaller than yours". Bo was right, and I was cheered immediately by his statement, and gleefully cast my line in to the water as fast as I could. We continued up the creek, paddling as far as where(on the map) Usk creek almost intersects koko creek, after this we could go no further, as we had hoped to reach koko Lake. Indeed, my trout sizes did get bigger, not much, but edible sizes.

landing image

The landing at our Proulx Lake campsite: Awesome!

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Baby Steps: Bo holds up my first ever Speckled Trout catch

Bo caught much more trout then me, at least a 5:1 ratio, many times I was busy with the camera as well. After awhile I started to get the hang of un-hooking fish myself, as Bo instructed me, the delicate procedures of doing so. Reading about such things is one thing, but actually doing it is another matter altogether. We started back to Proulx Lake, paddling, dropping our lines in pools along the way, when we came upon a Great Blue Heron. What was unusual about this particular bird, was that we were able to get very close to him, before he flew off, and we did this several times. We'd approach the Heron, he'd fly off down the creek, and we'd approach him again. This went on for like forty minutes. I've seen this behavior many times, but not with proximity to the Heron, we were able to achieve. It was a real treat. We emerged onto Proulx around 11:30..we had stayed around 2.5 hours. We headed over to the last campsite on the east side of the lake, just above where Koko Creek meets Proulx Lake. We landed at a site that was high above the water. Bo set about cleaning the fish in the sandy shallows of the lake, while I explored the site. I like to explore sites, even the ones I don't intend to reside on, you never know what you'll find! In this case, I found a jug of camp fuel, which had holes in it. We decided to procure the jug, and use it as fire-starter for our campsite. Just after noon we arrived back at our site. It was time to relax, well relax some more I mean!

bigger trout image

One for the frying pan: One of Bo's larger catches of the day

koko image

Bo Knows, unhooking a trout on Koko creek

Bo scooped up one of the books that someone had left behind, and I proceeded to lounge in my hammock, with my own book as well. It was almost 6pm, when Bo decided it was time to feast. We had brought back 5 Specks. Two of mine(the smallest I might add), and 3 from Bo. We got a fire started an Bo prepared the frying pan, A simple metal one, with a metal handle..don't want a plastic one! Bo then added oil to the pan, soon the oil was boiling with the fish frying away. It didn't take long at all, mere minutes to cook, and it was great. It was like eating fluffy popcorn!

heron image

A Great Blue Heron on Koko creek

proulx image

Emerging onto Proulx Lake: The mouth of koko creek
Note: remnants of old dam, left of center

Great as the fish was, it wasn't very filling, never is I was told, this is why you've got to add rice and/or veggies as a side dish with the fish. Filled with protein though, the fish we ate, made me feel energized, so much so, I chopped some wood, with the hatchet Bo had brought, and we had a great fire that night. The sun had set just after 7:30pm. By 10pm Bo was off to bed, and I, an hour after that.

fish image

Catch of the day: They maybe small, but were sure tasty!

frying pan image

Master Bo frying up a treat!



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