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Clicking on the above link, will take you to the wallpaper section. Included in this area, are full screen images, of selected pictures taken with a digital camera(Fuji S3000), while in Algonquin Park. The images make great 'wallpaper' or 'desktop' screens, on your computer. They have helped me to survive the long winter months, chained to my computer! The images provided are available in multiple resolutions, and are watermarked. Mark Rubino holds all copyrights to the images provided in the wallpaper section, and reproduction or resale is not permitted.

Warning! - A special note about fungi(Mushrooms)

Some images contain photos of various fungi(otherwise known as mushrooms). I must caution visitors to Algonquin Park, to never eat ANY mushrooms found in the park. Many are poisonous and some downright DEADLY poisonous. If unsure about the identity of what fungi you are eating, then don't eat it. Some fungi can cause mild to violent illness, others can cause death. If you are not a trained expert in fungi identification, please do not eat the Fungi!
Fungi that are correctly identified and proven safe to eat, can still in some cases, cause illness in people. ""(Mark's Algonquin Park Sampler) & it's author Mark Rubino accept no responsibility whatsoever for the health and safety of any person or persons who eat fungi while in Algonquin Park.
Furthermore, some fungi displayed on this web site, may be incorrectly identified.
If anyone should discover an identification error, you are urged to contact Mark thru email here, and the correction will be made as soon as possible.
















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