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Paddling Cedar Lake


Imagine...You've just returned from a 10 day trip into Algonquin's Interior. You thirst for more, already planning your next trip. Perhaps it is mid-March, you haven't dipped your paddle into Algonquin in 5 months, cabin fever raging thru your soul. Whether you're a 40 year veteran of the backwoods or a first-timer, or someone in between, Algonquin Park offers some of the finest outdoor experiences one can expect in Central Ontario; Paddling, hiking, campgrounds, as well as many programs to enhance the visitors knowledge and enjoyment of 'The Park'.

A Never Ending Story

Hi there! My name is Mark Rubino. I invite you to tag along as I recount my journeys thru Algonquin Park. This site is intended as a journal, a record of sorts, of my trips into Algonquin Provincial Park. This site is not intended as a resource site for Algonquin Park. For more thorough information and resources on Algonquin Park, I invite you to check out "Algonquin Adventures", a site dedicated to all things Algonquin, complete with links to other triplog sites, resources, and a message board, where you can pose questions to things Algonquin related, i.e. fishing, route info, etc. You can also check out the official Algonquin Park web site here. Although my experience in Algonquin is limited @ this time(2005) to just a few years, it is hoped that this site will give some insight to newcomers to The Park, while giving experienced campers a chance to relive some of The Park's attractions thru stories and imagery. I hope to continue and improve upon both my triplog journals, and this web site in the years to come. Now, before heading into the triplogs section, I strongly recommend that you read the site disclaimer before continuing on. Having read all the intro stuff above & the disclaimer, I guess you really want to get to the 'good' stuff now, after all that's why we are all discover more of 'The Park'. Without further ado, click here, to jump to the Triplogs Menu page.

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