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About Mark & This Site

About Mark

There's not much to say. I absolutely love Algonquin. Tripping into the interior, "rocks!" as far as I'm concerned. I live & work in Toronto, and when I'm not working, I try to get up to The Park as often as I can. I have a deep respect for places such as Algonquin and it's flora & fauna that dwell there. I'm a firm believer in 'Less is More'. Less Toronto, More Algonquin! Less work, More Paddling! Less material goods, more twig technology....and yes, I have my towel with me...always.

About This Site

This site is a 'work in progress'. I'm a long way from finishing it, and with the upcoming camping season, there will no doubt be delays in updating the site. Check the 'News' section for updates. In the meantime, some pages maybe incomplete or offline.

Optimum viewing resolution of this website is 1280x960, however, it can still be viewed as low as 800x600. I must caution low resolution users, as the quality of the images provided on this site, will be poor the lower the resolution used. I recommend a setting of at least 1024x768.

I've neither the technical expertise or the time to put together a sophisticated website. So @ this point in time, I hope that readers here are merely satisfied with the content of the site. After all, content is what we are after, not marketing.

For years, I've been reading other tripper's journals. There's nothing like reading up on someone's triplog into Algonquin's interior, to feed the hunger. This web site is my contribution to the Algonquin community, to all those fanatics out there(myself included), who can never get enough of The Park. Especially given the long winters here in Canada. It helps to pass the time, and it is also dangerous! Reading triplogs in February to quell cabin fever, is like putting gasoline on a fire! You have been warned. :-)

So, pull up a chair, and a bucket of water nearby( to soak your feverish head in!), and dive in!


Mark Rubino

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