Imagine... You’ve just returned from a week long canoe trip into Algonquin Park's Interior. You thirst for more, already planning your next trip. Perhaps it is mid-March; You haven't dipped your paddle into Algonquin in five months and cabin fever is raging through your soul.

Whether you're a forty year veteran of the backwoods, a first-timer or someone in-between; Algonquin Park offers some of the finest outdoor experiences one can expect in Central Ontario. Canoeing, fishing, hiking, campgrounds, as well as many programs to enhance the visitors' knowledge and enjoyment of "The Park".
A bad day in “The Park” is better then a good day at work

Put that snow shovel down..

Hi! My name is “Mark” and I invite you to tag along as I recount my journeys through-out beautiful Algonquin Park. This web site is not intended as "the be all and end all" of online Park resources and backwoods wisdom. Rather, this web site is intended as a journal, to keep a record online of my excursions throughout Algonquin Park and to share with those of you who matter most: People with a love and respect for Algonquin Park.

Each posted trip-log includes slideshow galleries to whet your appetite. Along with custom maps and weather data tables, A reader can get a 'feel' of what to expect when camping in Algonquin Park's backcountry in any given season.

Long-time readers will notice some changes around the web site - such as a few missing pages. The "News" page for example. It is felt that having a "Blog" page eliminates the need for a separate "News" page. That and the dedicated news column on the homepage helps to keep readers up to date at a glance, thereby further consolidating the web site - Providing a neat and tidy surfing experience.

Web Site News

April 6, 2016
Trip-log#130 is online, chronicling a four day trip thru access#6 from Nov.2015

February 26, 2016
The Downloads page has been repaired and updated!

January 22, 2016
New Blog posting: Day-trip to Mizzy Lake Trail

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For additional Algonquin Park information, I invite you to check out "Algonquin Adventures", a web site dedicated to all things Algonquin, complete with links, resources, trip-logs and a public message board - Where you can ask questions that are Algonquin Park related, i.e. fishing, route info, etc. You can also check out the "Friends of Algonquin Park" web site here for current events and additional comprehensive information.

The sidebar to the right provides additional links to more Algonquin Park goodness as well as celestial links and a weather box provided by The Weather Network. For a comprehensive list of web links head on over to the “
Links” page for a multitude of Algonquin Park (And related) links.

I strongly recommend that all readers (Old & new) of this web site, visit the web site "Disclaimer" (Now located in the "
About" page) and read it through thoroughly. Once you've managed to read all that boring legal stuff (I wouldn't want you to injure yourself or your canoe and then blame me for it!), why not head over to the "Trip-logs" section, put some coffee on (or tea if that is your thing), then sit back and read to your heart's content. There's lots to explore and I hope you enjoy your time here.
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