Trip-log#56 Slideshow Gallery
A selection of fourteen photos from opening day weekend in April 2007 via access#9(Rock Lake)

Jeffrey pauses for a photo as we prepare to depart Another photo of Jeffrey at the flooded access point for Rock Lake Paddling by a cottage on Rock Lake "Stainless" arrives at our campsite on Rose Island Looking Southwest on Rock Lake from Rose Island Just one of the cliffs on Rock Lake (As seen from Rose Island) Stainless, Swede, Jeff P & Paddlin laugh it up on Rose Island Jeanine at the portage to Pen Lake Jeffrey studies a map (When is he not studying one?) "Paddlin" with a fine Speckled Trout he caught on Pen Lake "Bo Knows" with his guitar on Rose Island The gang after the fish bbq on Rose Island Paddlin & Stainless depart amongst choppy waters Paddlin at the access point