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Spring is coming at last!


We’ve had 2 solid days in a row of above 0°C temperatures and sunshine, lots of sunshine. I believe that spring has finally sprung, at long last! As you can see in the photo above Algonquin Park is still locked in winter’s embrace, but that will change soon.

It may seem frivolous to declare spring has arrived, but keep in mind I’ve been living with winter for nearly 7 months now. Only two weeks ago we had no snow here in Barrie, Ontario. It had finally melted away, though the temps were never there. Then last week and the weekend before, we had 6 straight days of snow, snow pellets, freezing rain, rain and more snow. You’d think we were in the middle of February, not the latter half of April!

Panic began to set in as my spring trip was on the horizon with barely two weeks to go and the lakes in Algonquin Park were still frozen over with no sign of letting go anytime soon. Emails were sent, to and fro between six of us, in the end we pushed it back two weeks to the May 2Four weekend. Have we waited to long or were we right to push back? Only time will tell. For now I am satisfied with our decision. Even down here, Lake Simcoe down here is still half frozen. Lake Ontario and north of the shoreline have thawed… just a few more weeks and paddling will become the norm again! But ohhh, the wait is killing me this year!!

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